Jim Deibert’s passion for excellence is evident in his harvesting operation, from his attention to detail when operating his machines to his focus on each and every member of his crew. And his customers return because they see that passion translated into life-long friendships.

“He’s an essential piece to our farming puzzle,” said Katie Dilse, Scranton, N.D. “The roar of his combines coming down our road brings goose bumps! Jim, with his entire crew, creates an intensity to our farming operation. His work ethic is second to none. His business model on a handshake is the reason he’s so much more than a custom harvester, he’s like a Grandpa to our sons. In the hustle and bustle, he makes time to stop for a smile and a joke. He loves his job, and it shows. And we love him.”

Jim has been called by many “the best in the business” and his passion continues to inspire today.