The annual cream-can was yet again a big hit with over 100 people in attendance at the JKD shop in Colby.

It was great to finally meet Tracy & Jim Zeorian of Zeorian Harvesting from Manley, Nebraska. Interesting to talk to a small family run harvest crew and compare to the bigger crews.

Kent Braathen from Braathen Harvesting, Grand Forks, North Dakota was also there, it was great to meet and talk to him.

There were many others there including Shiltz Harvesting, Beckley Harvesting, Rick Farris, Frahm Farms, TA Truck Services and many more.

There was also a great spread of food put together by many of the crew and friends of Jim & De Ann.

Now we are on the countdown to leaving for Texas, just waiting on the weather to dry up for us to load equipment and make our first trip down.